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Générateur de trafic qualifié

Generating qualified traffic

Kelsociete first aims to assist companies with an Internet presence and make their sites, their brands and products visibility.

Our agency has launched its first in SEO since 2008, at a time when the market for SEO in France was still partially in gestation. We have gradually expanded our offerings with complementary activities, including integrating our services into community management and digital reputation.


SEO: objective first page

With the continuous improvement of the relevance of search engines, users often stop at the first page, because they are easily the information or product. Your website must appear on the first page to be seen, it is a condition sine qua non for a successful SEO strategy.

Kelsociete via Kelreferencement, is always the first page: our primary aim is to provide you quality service for a sustainable and harmonious cooperation.

Community management and digital reputation

Centers of gravity of the web communication evolve particularly quickly. Thus, SEO is only compounded by other trades and other skills. Digital reputation has become a strategic issue for all companies or individuals, professionals, celebrities and anonymous: it is defending its brand online and enriching. Community management, for its part, is both a tool to conquer new market shares and a new approach to customer relations.

Kelsociete through its center of expertise Kelreputation has developed valuable expertise to all players in the web.

Extensive experience in the Internet

Kelsociete was founded by Jean-Luc Lasquellec, who has worked for twenty years in the world of Internet. The company benefits from the many years of experience as a business leader in the digital economy rich with promise and pitfalls. Jean-Luc Lasquellec before founding Kelsociete, Formaguide.com launched, quickly became the first French portal training.

Kelsociete team consists of graduate employees, all working for several years in the world of internet ..